Our People


Debbie Bartlett

Director & Principal

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) & CA

After 18 years working as an accountant for the firm, I became a Registered Tax Agent in 2010 – and a Director and Principal of McGregor West.

With 30+ years’ experience in business services, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my clients’ businesses and personal matters as well as encouraging the career advancement of the team.

My expertise spans advisory, tax, payroll, SMSFs, corporate affairs and more.

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Chris 1

Chris Teh

Business Services Manager & Principal

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) & CA CPA

I joined McGregor West in 2000 and in my role, I offer a range of business services, including advisory, taxation, payroll, corporate affairs, administration and compliance solutions.

I’m also a Registered Tax Agent and Treasurer of a community sporting club.

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Sam Schofield

Business Services Manager

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) & CA

I joined McGregor West in 2017 after eight years in public practice.

In my role, I provide a range of business services to clients – including advisory, taxation, conversions to Xero and accounting and software reviews.

I’m also a Registered Tax Agent.

Paul Ho

Tax Advisor

Master of Business (Finance) & CA

I joined McGregor West in 2019.

Since then, I’ve helped clients from a broad range of industries with their accounting, taxation and BAS compliance.

I also assist with the firm’s SMSF accounting and taxation compliance program.


Duncan McGregor


Diploma of Commerce,  FCA, ACIS, AGIA & FTPA

I was a partner of the firm and retired in July 2015. I am now a part-time consultant assisting with client development, networking, valuations and auditing.

I am a Registered Company Auditor and Approved SMSF Auditor, assisting Ryan O’Shea through Audit.able.

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Alasdair West



I was a partner of the firm and retired in June 2013.

During my 45+ years in business advisory, taxation and more, I’ve worked with all kinds of people and businesses in the UK and Australia and now assisting the team as a part-time consultant.